Lycon hot wax


Revolutionising hot wax, Lycon’s luxurious shrink wrap approach eliminates even the shortest of hair with minimum discomfort and irritation to the skin.

Lycon Full Leg Hot Wax£39
Lycon Full Leg & Bikini Hot Wax£51
Lycon 1/2 Leg Hot Wax£29
Lycon 1/2 Leg & Bikini Hot Wax £36
Lycon Full Leg and Thong£53
Lycon Half Leg and Thong£43
Lycon Full Leg and Brazilian£57
Lycon Half Leg and Brazilian£47
Lycon Full Leg and Hollywood£63
Lycon Half Leg and Hollywood£53
Lycon Bikini Hot Wax£20
Lycon Underarm Hot Wax£18
Lycon Full Arm Hot Wax£27
Lycon Half Arm Hot Wax£21
Lycon Back Hot Wax£35
Lycon Shoulder Hot Wax£27
Lycon Chest Hot Wax£35
Lycon Lip Hot Wax£10
Lycon Chin Hot Wax£10
Lycon Lip & Chin Hot Wax £18
Lycon Full Face Hot Wax£26

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